Official Visit from The Deputy Chief Executive Officer Of MIDA, Mr. Sivasuriyamoorthy Sundara Raja, along with the MIDA Delegation from Kedah/Perlis

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SUNGAI PETANI – On November 6th, 2023 EMZI Group had the honor of hosting a visit from esteemed guests, Mr. Sivasuriyamoorthy Sundara Raja, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), along with the MIDA delegation from Kedah/Perlis, comprising Mr. Mohd Rushdan Mohd Ghazali, Director of MIDA Kedah/Perlis, and Ms. Rohani Saad, Deputy Director of MIDA Kedah/Perlis. The visit was greeted with enthusiasm and warmth by all Board Members and staff of EMZI Group.

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During this official visit, Mr. Sivasuriyamoorthy Sundara Raja had the opportunity to gain deeper insights into the operations of EMZI Group through a tour of the staff’s workplaces. Interactions between public bodies and the private sector, such as MIDA and EMZI Group, are crucial steps in fostering cooperation and opening doors to investment and substantial development opportunities. This visit marks the beginning of a strategic partnership between EMZI Group and MIDA, with a shared goal of advancing economic growth and prosperity in this region.

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