The Gathering of Aqiqah Ceremony for Ramadan 1443H/2022

SUNGAI PETANI – In conjunction with the month of Ramadan this year, EMZI Group organized a community gathering event at EMZI Health Science on Saturday, April 16, 2022, corresponding to the 15th of Ramadan 1443H. This event was attended by all members of EMZI Group from every branch in Sungai Petani and Puchong. The Board of Directors and Head of Departments of EMZI Group were also present at this gathering.

The program commenced with a qurban ceremony of three goats for aqiqah early in the morning in Sik, Kedah. Meanwhile, at EMZI Health Science Sdn. Bhd., the Ramadan Aqiqah Community Gathering began with a prayer session around 10 a.m., followed by remarks from Tuan Haji Mohammad Faizal bin  Zainon, the CEO of EMZI Group.

Each department was tasked with various responsibilities, including preparing ingredients, cooking, preparing, packaging, and distribution of the dishes. Vibrancy and joy resonated throughout the program, fostering stronger bonds among EMZI Group employees. Tuan Haji Faizal himself graciously prepared the delicacy of Nasi Arab, and at the conclusion of the program, each staff member took home one pack of Nasi Arab, kurma kambing, and Susu Ajwa.

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