Official Visit from The Chief Executive Officer of PKNK, YBhg. Dato’ Wira Haji Isahak bin Murat to Kedah Halal Park

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SUNGAI PETANI – The Chief Executive Officer of the Kedah State Development Corporation (PKNK), YBhg. Dato’ Wira Hj. Isahak bin Murat, conducted an official visit to Kedah Halal Park on Wednesday, November 8, 2023. The visit aimed to strengthen the strategic collaboration between PKNK and Kedah Halal Park to advance the state’s halal industry sector.

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During the visit, Dato’ Wira Hj. Isahak specifically emphasized the significance of infrastructure development and innovation in halal product manufacturing to expand export markets and enhance the competitiveness of Kedah’s industry. These efforts are expected to significantly boost local economic growth, aligning with the aspiration to establish Kedah as a leading halal hub in this region.

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To conclude, EMZI Group humbly expresses gratitude to Dato’ Wira Hj. Isahak for the warm reception and excellent cooperation in making this visit a success. EMZI Group believes that this collective endeavor will bring a positive impact on the advancement of Kedah’s halal industry, promising a brighter future for the state’s economy.

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