Work Visit by YBhg. Dato’ Ustaz Kazim Elias to EMZI Group Headquarters

SUNGAI PETANI – On November 30th, we joyously welcomed YBhg. Dato’ Ustaz Kazim Elias to the EMZI Group Headquarters for a working visit. He was warmly welcomed by all of the Board of Directors of EMZI Group.

Dato’ Ustaz Kazim engaged in discussions and deliberations on EMZI Group’s strategies and plans with the Board of Directors. The insightful meeting will undoubtedly be fully utilized in our pursuit of strengthening Muslim economy in this region. Following that, Dato’ Ustaz Kazim participated in a photoshoot session and recording for the upcoming ‘Kopi Ala Kazim’ Shocking Sales event.

Afterward, Dato’ Ustaz Kazim happily spent time mingling with the employees at the EMZI Convention Hall before departing. We hope that this established relationship will endure and be blessed by Allah SWT.

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